The SwimLetter


Hi there, Paula here from Fensi. Welcome, and thank you for your support. I started this brand with the launch of a single design in 2019, and have been slowly growing it ever since. Why does this matter?

Because it means I get to build the brand that I, as a designer, want to work for, and that you as our customers want to support. Fensi has no revenue goals or product launch deadlines. I take as much time as necessary to design the most eclectic prints and patterns, and use the brightest of colors inspired by sixties fashion. I am confident Fensi is literally the best out there, and that you will love the pieces you own.

The workers in our partners' factories, right here in Mexico City, are treated fairly. They're paid higher than average, with safe working conditions and humane hours. Fensi only produces small batch boutique collections of the highest quality, not mass produced lines made abroad.

We treat our customers as friends. If you ask us a question, we'll tell you the answer, openly and honestly.

Lastly, we have a strong community of women celebrating fashion, in a safe place for them to express themselves while being able to interact with me personally.

And that's a bit about Fensi. I hope to see you around.

Love, Paula.

PS: Got a question? Send an email to and our kind customer service team will get you sorted. And if you've got a question for me, let our team know. They'll send it my way, and I'll respond.